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This site is a collection of free training and resources for peer reviewers of PLOS journals—and for the peer review community at large, drawn from research and interviews with staff editors, editorial board members, and experienced reviewers.

We know that peer review can be tricky and is something that is rarely taught. We hope the information on this site will help you feel more prepared and more confident the next time you do a review.

We also know that peer review is hard work and takes time. We hope the resources here make your work a little easier or go a little faster.

Already have a lot of experience reviewing? Consider this a helpful refresher. Take a look around, and you might find something new.

Reviewers are essential to the integrity and quality of the peer review process. They provide an important service to the academic community. It is essential that they feel guided when starting out and supported in this role throughout their careers. Joerg Heber Editor-in-Chief, PLOS ONE

Some caveats

The guides here are not meant to be substitutes for any instructions you’re asked to follow for a specific journal. Always check the journal-specific guidelines for reviewers when you accept a review assignment.

If you are reviewing a manuscript for PLOS and have specific questions about your assignment, please email the journal directly. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to assist you here.

Your peer review resource

We’ve designed the Reviewer Center with you, the reviewer, in mind. Let us know what you think, so we can improve upon the information provided here. Thank you for being part of our community!

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