These resources for reviewers cover all aspects of the peer review process. Whether you’re new to reviewing, facing a tricky situation, or just looking to brush up on your skills, you’ll find the guidance that you need here.


How to peer review

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10 tips for getting started as a reviewer (est. read time 1:30 min.)
You’ve been invited to review. Now what? (est. read time 3:45 min.)
How to read a manuscript as a peer reviewer (est. read time 6:00 min.)
How to write a peer review (est. read time 6:00 min.)



Peer review toolbox

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How to review a manuscript (video, 5:16 min.)
Peer review checklist (toolbox activity)
Peer review template (toolbox activity)
Competing interests for peer reviewers (est. read time 4:00 min.)
Ethics for reviewers (est. read time 1:30 min.)
Peer reviewing data (est. read time 2:00 min.)



Peer review news & research

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Read the PLOS ECR Community blog, a forum for the next generation of scientists.

Listen to PLOS Podcasts, an interview series about new developments in scientific research and publishing.

Browse the PLOS 10 Simple Rules collection covering topics on peer review and career development in the sciences.